Online Call Tracking

Understand exactly what marketing is working and what isn’t with Jet Interactives Online Call Tracking

Measure every lead your website generates

It is vital to understand what keywords, digital channels and sources are driving calls from your website. 75% of all web generated enquiries are being delivered over the phone*. If you are not tracking the origin of your calls, then you are not tracking your website accurately.

Our Online Call Tracking technology allows marketers to:

  • Track callers back to their individual web visit
  • Measure accurate CPL and CPA
  • Identify successful digital campaigns driving phone conversions
  • Bid smarter by finding high value keywords responsible for calls
  • Integrations into Google Analytics, Google Ads, Salesforce and more
  • Export all reports to Microsfot Word, Microsoft Excel, CSV and PDF

How it works - Dynamic Numbers

Jet Interactive’s Dynamic Numbers product is the most sophisticated in the market, enabling maximum visitor detail with a minimum amount of numbers and cost! Dynamic Numbers is a piece of software embedded within your website that changes the displayed phone number. It identifies calls made from Google Ads, email, organic search, online directories, social networking sites such as Facebook and even individual visitors and sessions.

Jet Call Tracking and Dynamic Numbers will save you from sinking time and money into marketing that isn’t converting into sales.
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